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Emily T.
Gorgeous, long-lasting, and ultra pigmented

Probably the best gloss I've found in years. It stays on without stickiness and the pigmentation is superb--you don't need to pile it on to get the opaque black color promised. I'll most likely purchase more shades from armour in the future and I'll definitely repurchase the Femme Fatale shade.

Harrianna S.

I love it!!! I've been searching what seams like forever for a dark lipgloss. Then this appeared! It's got a smooth texture so your lips always feel hydrated. It's not one of them lipgloss were you have to keep adding over and over again. It was amazing and looks very seek.

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Kennedi H.
I love this shade! ❤

I'd been trying to find a nice darker lip color that was easy to apply and looked sleek. I found both of these in this gloss! It had a nice smell to it and has no funny taste. I have had several bad experiences with runny lip gloss. The color stays on for a long time, meaning the tube itself will last. This was my first Armour Beauty product and I cannot wait to try more of their products!

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Melanie C.

I have new fav lip gloss now!! Its not sticky and long lasting. The primer that came with really helps keep it set. Even after some light eatng and drinking it still looked great!! I've never worn black lipcolor before so I was alil leary. You definitely have to layer it to get the deep dark effect. But with simple eyeliner and mascara it didn't come off gothy. My lips stole the show!! Definitely shopping for more colors!! Buy it love it!!

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Ncy L.

Love this lipgloss. shiny but not sticky. Easy to apply and feel so smooth on the lips. Color consistency is awesome. the packaging is okay but i love it. wear it by itself and you are ready!!

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Raisa J.
Great pigmentation, texture and lasting power

These lipglosses are amazing. I bought two of them from Beautylish (whom by the way delivered fast and the packaging was completely adorable). The colors are intense but you can layer and build up the intensity if you want. It is very glossy and shiny. It's a bit sticky without being annoyingly sticky or gooey. The packaging is sleek and modern. I love them and I use them to blend or wear alone. Lovely lipglosses.

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