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Amelia S.
Ann Margret: What a fabulous light coral gloss!

Nice and creamy, not really sticky but stayed on rather well and what a fabulous light coral gloss, Ann-Margret ! I would definitely recommend this gloss to someone, even you.

sue r.

I feel so happy for the rest of the day wearing this color. I already knew the armour lip gloss were AMAZING in that they stay stuck (literally, stuck is the word, the stickiness is persistent as all get out, even after eating and DEFINITELY after drinking) on the lips for hours... I couldn't believe there existed a lip gloss like this at first. My lips used to be IMPOSSIBLE to NOT be ALWAYS chapped... but this saved me. So I don't regret the price at all. It's practically medicinal! The first armour lippy I bought was a unusual color that I wouldn't wear out as much so I would use it at home against daily wear n' tear, but THIS COLOR... is such a cheerful bright color perfect for this summer! The pictures here couldn't show how it's slightly more peach-orange, which I LOVE. Not too daring of a color but puts a nice pop to your outfit. Perfect for me. I was completely satisfied with this purchase. If you're considering, and need a softer orangish lippy this summer, I definitely recommend.

Gabrielle H.

I love it so much! It's not the cheapest lipgloss I could find but it's a beautiful pigmented colour that stays so long! It seems like it never fades. Worth the price a thousand times

Allison S.
Super Opaque, Very think, very long wearing even through eating.

I really liked this product! The formula is very thick, and mildly sticky (barely noticeable) and The color stays on true to color for hours even through eating and drinking with minimal residue left on the glass or on my niece's finger when she decided she liked the color so much she wanted to touch it. It does have a very noticeable aroma, and i say aroma because it smelled like the inside of a bakery ( most likely due to the vanilla scent) which went away after 15 minutes.

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