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Anastasia Beverly Hills

Total Brow Kit


Sonia A.
I Love this set!

I got this as a gift from a dear friend who recommend it. Wow! I was so impressed with the staying power. The combination of the wax and powder sets it all day. I used eyebrow pencils for years but never had the look and staying power of this beauty. It's expensive yes but now that I already have the brush from this set and the stencils. I'll be buying the small powder and wax later. Definitely a great starter set...and who better than the queen of eyebrows but Anastasia!

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Danielle M.

I am so excited about this brow kit! I have been going to the Anastasia store here in Dallas and have not gone due to being pregnant. But now its time to get my Hot Mom Swag going so I purchased the kit so I can DIY at home! I love the stencils and brow powder especially being a woman of color. Its hard to match with my skintone. And the tweezers are AMAZING!

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April N.
All in one-perfect for expert brow grooming

My eyebrows are always ALWAYS perfect thanks to her tweezers and this kit. The color is customizable and the stencils make it all easy and fast to be on point with a finished brow. Love this.

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Bessie A.
Helped my brows a lot!

I've always had trouble shaping my brows not really know what the right shape was.. Until I got this kit. The stencil I chose to use is the high arch stencil, but to me it doesn't seem to be that high of an arch anyway. After using the stencil on my brows for about a week, and tweezing my brows, I feel like they are the shape I want them to be.

The powder is great. To fill my brows in, I use the dark powder to define the "tail" of my brow and then line the bottom of my brows. Then I feather the dark color up to blend it in, and then fill the rest of my brows with the lighter color. Then I'll just set them with the brow gel. Definitely makes my brows look defined, but still natural. And the best part, is that it will actually stay put all day.

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Kist O.
fantastic product!

I purchased this sometime last March and when this arrived, I was so excited!! :D I just love everything about it! the color payoff is great, the wax helps the product stay on and it also intensifies the colour. Also, I love the stencils! :) Not exactly something I can use on clients but it helps me give an idea about the brow shape they should have. :)

Wrote about it on my blog!:D

Devin W.

I was so excited when i got this in the mail! This is the best product i have ever used on my eyebrows. I would say the stencils are a bit large, even the petite one, but i can deal!