One Coat Get up & Grow™ mascara


Aubrey C.
Oh god I love this stuff.

I have strong dislike for the term "holy grail" - but I have to say it. This is my absolute holy grail mascara.

Now, I'm a bit of a mascara junkie, and therefore have about a million tubes going at once, but this is the first mascara EVER that I have used until there was literally absolutely no more to use.

The brush and the formula are just the perfect combination. It gives you SO much volume, and a decent amount of length as well. I'm good to go with one coat. I obviously do two coats because I just can't help myself, but they're not kidding with the "One coat" claims.

Now onto the other claims.. This is not going to make your lashes grow longer or stronger. There aren't any ingredients in it that will be truly beneficial in that sense. However, it's not gonna kill your lashes either.

Overall, I don't really have any desire to buy any other mascaras after using this. It's flawless. Doesn't even flake. And it's somewhere in the 5 dollar range. Can't. Go. Wrong.

Ashley S.
dryer formula

This is a nice mascara. However, I find it's hard to layer. It's a very dry formula. It does give decent volume and length, but it's somewhat hard to work with. I prefer a consistency that's between wet and dry. Kinda in the middle. And this is a little too dry for me, but decent mascara if you like dry mascaras.

Shelby S.

I love this mascara to death. By far the best mascara I have used. It has a great formula that really lengthens and volumizes your lashes. It's definitely a one coat mascara and I honestly think it helps keep my lashes healthy. I'm repurchased it and I don't think I'm going to every change mascaras again!

Ashley S.
my GO TO mascara.

This mascara is my holy grail. I first got this because my eyelashes were falling out and were thin. I saw this at target and gave it a shot. Boy, BEST choice I've made. It really is one coat mascara. I've used this mascara for months and I'm on my second tube. It helped my lashes grow and there is no flaking or smudging. I love it :)