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Beauty Product Reviews

Very moisturizing, excellent shade/tone

I'm always a little skeptical about tinted sunscreens-- they often pull too yellow, are a bit ashy, or are too dark for me (I'm quite pale!) but this one is truly neutral and blended right in! i think it would work well for a lot of skin shades as I didn't pick up any white cast. The texture is a bit thicker that I expected-- it does blend out well, but if you over-apply it ends up feeling a bit tacky-- and it's quite moisturizing, if a little bit heavier than a typical moisturizer. Personally, I use it as a standalone alone product on good skin days-- the tint is just enough to even things out a bit-- but I don't think I'd wear it under a liquid/cream foundation and I don't use powder foundations (which would probably be the way to go).

Luxurious Texture

This is one of the more luxurious masks/peels I've used-- I love that it turns into a creamy texture as you massage it into your skin and the combination of both chemical and physical exfoliation! I also find it very soothing-- my skin is much smoother after but isn't irritated at all or need any recovery time (some exfoliants leave my skin a little 'shocked' right after and then I don't see the glow until the next morning). I'm taking 1 star off for the price-- even though it's a great product that I really enjoy in the moment, I've seen similar long-term results from less expensive products.

Bedtime Ritual

Spritzing this around my face as I settle into bed has become a favorite ritual-- it instantly puts a smile on my face and helps me relax. The jasmine scent is just dreamy!


I think this is one of the more underrated May Lindstrom products-- everyone raves about The Problem Solver, but I find The Clean Dirt to be much more suited to my sensitive skin, much less messy, and something that I can more easily incorporate into my skincare routine. I use a moderate amount mixed with water to form a thin mask and gently massage it into my face. I love chemical exfoliators for refining my pores, but I just haven't been able to stop using gentle physical exfoliators-- sometimes you just need a little more help getting some dry skin off! The Clean Dirt leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed without any sting or irritation.

Great daily styling cream

This is my favorite of the B&B styling creams-- I've been hooked since my stylist used it on me! It's light enough that I can use it at my roots without creating any oiliness at all (the pinkish bottle is a little too heavy for me to use that way). It helps keep my hair smooth when blowdrying and I swear it helps it dry faster! The scent is subtle and neutral, so it doesn't compete or clash with any other products I use.

Touchable texture

I prefer the Surf Infusion to the the Surf Spray because it's more moisturizing and doesn't have even a hint of a 'crunchy' feel. I still feel like I can run my hands through my hair! There's a subtle scent that is summery and pleasant. Avoid applying too much (it won't make your hair wavier!) or you can get a little oily and it will weigh your hair down.

This is best for slightly boosting existing waves. If you have really straight hair, it's not going to create waves that aren't there and if you have hair that doesn't hold curl well, you'll want something stronger-- this really doesn't provide any structure or hold.

Intense scent!

This incense is a great value because the scent is really quite strong so you don't need to burn an entire stick at once to fill a room with fragrance. This particular scent is a little more perfume-y than I prefer for day-to-day use, but it's a natural, high-quality scent even if it isn't my preferred taste. i actually quite like the more subtle fragrance that lingers after!

Heavenly scent, wonderful in a bath!

My favorite way to use this oil is to sprinkle some drops in a bath. The scent released by the warm water is so lovely and linger on my skin after I get out. It does take much, just a couple shakes, so the bottle lasts a long time. Just be careful as it can make your bath a bit slippery!


I made the mistake of running out of Acid Wash and didn't reorder for a while. I knew Ioved how it felt, but did I *really* need it? Ummm, yes! After a few weeks without it, the difference was obvious when I started using it again. My hair and scalp felt cleaner and calmer, and my hair was bouncier and more voluminous. I wash my hair ever other day and on washing days I alternate between this and and Oribe Gold Lust and my hair has never looked better!

Even better golden milk!

I'm a big fan of golden milk for the anti-inflammatory properties and this is an even better version! Not only to the adaptogens provide more holistic support, but the spice blend adds a deeper flavor than when I make it myself. I blend it with warm milk and a touch of honey. It's definitely an earthier flavor that may be an acquired taste, but I love it!

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