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I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early sample of this new retinol cream and it is AMAZING! Once it officially launched, I bought two more to make sure I always have some on hand. I have dry, sensitive skin so I've never been able to easily incorporate a retinol into my routine before this. Even though it's a lower retinol percentage, I see overnight results for skin texture/tone and help with blemishes-- it's helped me feel more confident going foundation-free! My wrinkle situation is pretty mild so far, but I'm hopeful this will help minimize and prevent them over the long run!

Calming and lasting moisture

I have dry, sensitive, and reactive skin and effective moisturizer has always been the most important part of my skincare. I was curious to try CBD skincare after hearing about its anti-inflammatory properties-- my skin troubles always start with itchiness and inflammation and if I can keep that under control I'm in the clear. I decided to try this when I ran out of my last moisturizer because of its focus on regulating the acid mantel and because of the cream texture and I've been really pleased since the switch! The texture is definitely on the thicker side-- it's more of a buttery/balmy creaminess-- so a little goes a long way and going overboard can leave a slight film. I put it on at night and what has amazed me is that most mornings I don't even need to put on a day cream because the moisture is so lasting-- that's a first for me! It also makes me believe that the cream really is helping my skin self-regulate. Since it's so calming and hydrating, I've also been able to start using some gentle retinol (which was always too drying/irritating before) so my skin is looking better than ever!

Gentle and effective!

This exfoliator is seriously magic! In addition to making my skin so soft after use and a bit more bright and even-toned over time, ever since I incorporated it into my routine my skin has been much calmer, less reactive, and less dry. I love the combo of chemical exfoliant with just a hint of physical exfoliation-- I never was 100% satisfied with chemical exfoliation alone but struggled to find a physical exfoliant that wasn't too rough. I use this every other evening, alternating with the Holifrog AHA wash, and my skin experiences absolutely no irritation. This will definitely be a permanent part of my skincare routine!

Perfect weekly cleanse!

I've used this about once weekly for the past couple months to help really refresh my scalp and keep dryness/itchiness in check. It feels really nice-- I like to massage it in thoroughly for a a couple minutes (since it doesn't really later, you really have to work it in with your fingers), and then let it a sit a few minutes more. The cooling sensation isn't *too* much and the smell is lovely (*exactly* like Thin Mints). I do find it just a little drying for my hair, so I keep application at my scalp/roots only and make sure to use a little more conditioner after. I bought the small size to try it out and I think that will last around 10 applications-- I'll definitely get the large size next time!

Instant Hydration Boost

I had some terrible winter dryness recently and was reaching for everything that my help. This serum was so relieving because it absorbs instantly, making my skin feel calm and balanced-- that dry, tight feeling goes away in seconds! For my dry skin, it's not enough on it's own but it's definitely a nice step to add in before my regular moisturizer when my skin needs an extra boost of hydration.

Pleasantly Surprised

I've tried a few other gommage-style exfoliators in the past with no luck-- one didn't seem to do anything and the other broke me out!-- so I wasn't planning on trying the sample of this I received with my last purchase, but then I got some severe winter dryness and needed a physical exfoliant to help recover. This peel easily removed the rough, dry patches with no irritation so my other products could get to work moisturizing and helping my skin recover!

Gentle Enough for Every Day!

I'm a big fan of AHA's for keeping my dry skin smooth and preventing congestion, but sometimes serums can be a little too much... not the case with this cleanser! I can use it every day and my skin actually feels *moisturized* right after and there's absolutely no redness or irritation. I use about a pump and a half tend to let it sit on my skin for a few minutes like a mask after massaging and before rinsing away. I've definitely noticed smoother, more even-toned, and less stressed skin in the month since I bought this!

Very moisturizing, excellent shade/tone

I'm always a little skeptical about tinted sunscreens-- they often pull too yellow, are a bit ashy, or are too dark for me (I'm quite pale!) but this one is truly neutral and blended right in! i think it would work well for a lot of skin shades as I didn't pick up any white cast. The texture is a bit thicker that I expected-- it does blend out well, but if you over-apply it ends up feeling a bit tacky-- and it's quite moisturizing, if a little bit heavier than a typical moisturizer. Personally, I use it as a standalone alone product on good skin days-- the tint is just enough to even things out a bit-- but I don't think I'd wear it under a liquid/cream foundation and I don't use powder foundations (which would probably be the way to go).

Luxurious Texture

This is one of the more luxurious masks/peels I've used-- I love that it turns into a creamy texture as you massage it into your skin and the combination of both chemical and physical exfoliation! I also find it very soothing-- my skin is much smoother after but isn't irritated at all or need any recovery time (some exfoliants leave my skin a little 'shocked' right after and then I don't see the glow until the next morning). I'm taking 1 star off for the price-- even though it's a great product that I really enjoy in the moment, I've seen similar long-term results from less expensive products.

Bedtime Ritual

Spritzing this around my face as I settle into bed has become a favorite ritual-- it instantly puts a smile on my face and helps me relax. The jasmine scent is just dreamy!

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