Product Review Guidelines

Last Updated on July 21, 2022

  1. What makes for a good product review?

    A good review is honest and gives an insightful account of your personal experience with a particular product. Let us know why you decided to try the product and what you found unique about it.

    Useful reviews sometimes include the product application, color, and texture; comparisons to similar products; and the value of the product. The same product often works differently for every person, so be sure to include any personal characteristics that might’ve affected your experience.

    Keep it fun and show off some of your personality too! Remember, you all are beautiful and it’s only makeup.

  2. What should I review?

    Any beauty product with which you have had personal first-hand experience using it on yourself or others. Beautylish is about real experiences and honest opinions, so be yourself and keep it real :)

  3. Can I review a product I was given for free for the purpose of reviewing?

    Yes, but you must disclose it! We understand that giving away products is sometimes the best way for people to learn about new products, so feel free to review them but also let us (your readers) know how you got the products.

    Not only is it the right thing to do, it’s also the law. If you want to learn about the legal rules on this kind of promotion, click here.

  4. Can I review a product for which I was paid to review?

    No, you should not write a review for our site if you were paid for or incentivized either directly or indirectly by the business company of the product being reviewed.

    If you are an employee of the business company of the product, you may still review your company’s products as long as you were not asked or required to do so. Also, please disclose your relationship with the company. It’s a delicate balance, so do what’s ethical and use your judgment. We trust you :)