Beauty Product Reviews

Beautiful Moonbeam

I bought this eyeshadow on special, and didn't expect much from it. I mostly bought it because I liked the green colour and the pretty swirls in it. I had no idea how it would turn out when applied.

I absolutely love it! I mostly use dark colours, so the very dark green is simply perfect. I use it with a base (usually from Gosh) and I think it's stunning.

Shiny, metallic pigments!

I'm a big fan of pigments, and I like metallic colours, so I was thrilled when I saw these pigments from the Surf, Baby!-collection.

And the colours are shiny, very metallic, and very cool looking too. They go on smoothly, and are easy to apply. So far so good.

I only give them 2 stars because I'm not impressed over how they stay on the lids, to be honest. After half a day I had them all the way up to my eyebrows!