Beauty Product Reviews

***Strip Those Lips Back to There Glam***

It is very important to keep your lips moisturized, there is nothing less glam then having cracked dehydrated lips! I have tried a few different lip treatments and Laura Gellers Lip Strip is definitely a good one to have on hand, it also Exfoliates the lips really well and that is a big plus, this product is a great lip prep before applying lipstick, lipgloss etc . I also recommend Laura Gellers Lip Heal And Seal Gloss it is filled with lots of goodness for your lips and is the best followup after using Lip Strip! XoXo

***Perfect Matte Bronzer Without The Muddy Finish***

When it comes to contouring Bronzer is a must but not just any Bronzer its all about the "Matte Bronzer", Women sometimes make the mistake of using a bronzer with alot of shimmer in it because well who doesnt like sparkle, however when using Bronzer with a shimmer it tends to create a muddy like finish and that is just NOT Glam, After discovering SmashBox Bronze lights I have been in love every if you are looking for a chic and matte Bronzer that will create the ultimate contour, this is the Bronzer for you. Please keep in mind Glam Dolls that when you are contouring it is important to use 2 shades darker then your skin tone as creating a shadow is your ultimate goal. XoXo

For every woman who wants Pure Foundation Glam Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is a must! I have tried a tremendous amount of different brands and none can compare to this one, matching my skin tone had seemed to be nearly impossible, Before I found Nars sheer Glow Foundation I was mixing Chanel and Giorgio Armani foundation and you would think at $50+ a pop you would be able to get your exact color but that was not the case for me. Matching my skin tone seems to be very difficult for a lot of these other makeup brands considering my skin undertones, however that was not the case when I purchased Sheer Glow in Syracuse. Lots of people may love Jersey Shore but not everyone wants to be orange or yellow or well burnt toned so if you want the perfect skin tone without that added headache Give Nars Sheer Glow a try you wont be disappointed! XoXo