Beauty Product Reviews

Strawberry Blonde / Hazel / Cool Tone Redhead Who ADORES This Product!

I'll preface this by stating that this is the ONLY concealer I have (or will) used for nearly five years now. Having my coloring (which is ooh-ed and aah-ed over constantly, "Do you know how RARE that is?!", etc.) has been extremely challenging as far as finding makeup shades (and formulations, as my skin is also sensitive...) - I am in my mid-thirties, and find myself STILL searching for the "perfect" foundation, eyebrow color/pencil, mascara, blush, bronzer, eyeshadows. This concealer from Dior does only come in three shades, but one of them is MINE!

I use this one product exclusively as my facial coverage; after moisturizer, then primer, and a spritz of Rose Water, I will lightly draw or dab lines upon the areas of my face that require coverage & evening out, and always blend with a foundation brush. Set with the lightest translucent loose powder by Chanel and blushed with Benefit's Dandelion, my freckly face is set to go all day. Btw, freckles remain as they are (not caked over or badly covered up, which I detest) and the entire surface of my face easily and subtly becomes one beautiful, natural-looking shade.

I have NEVER found another product which allows me such a simple routine solution, not powder foundations, not the pricey nor the drugstore brands, NOTHING has worked anywhere neat this $30 bottle of concealer, which lasts me about a month and a half. Trust me, I have searched far and wide. I generally do not take the time to review products, as they typically have already been reviewed countless times and usually do not apply to me anyhow, as I TRULY cannot wear the same shades of ANYTHING as most other girls out there... (We Gingers have it rough sometimes!) I suppose I am writing this FOR the fair and freckled girls like me, who may see this, try the stuff, and love it as I do!

**Note to Dior** PLEASE continue this product forever. Thanks!