Beauty Product Reviews

My holy grail concealer

It's honestly the best concealer I've ever used. It automatically brightens when I put it on, and makes me look more awake. It works wonderful to conceal blemishes. I just ran out, and I'm going to have to run over and buy a new one, because I am missing it!

Inexpensive. Packs and blends wonderfully. One of my favorite eye brushes. It's always such a score when ELF has sales going on, because you can stock up on them for really cheap. I have about 4 of them, and I still feel like buying more!

I've tried so many eye primers and they all usually crease on me if I don't use another base on top or so forth, but with this baby, it's one swipe and that's all! It's amazing. I couldn't believe it. I will continue buying and buying and buying.

Flat out AMAZING.

Let me start off by saying that I used to be a total makeup snob, and hardly ever did I actually buy something when browsing the drugstore aisles, specially from wet n wild. I saw this palette one day, loved the colors, and for the price, I couldn't resist. I decided to do my makeup the next morning, and was I surprised! The pigmentation was amazing! The colors were perfect. They're a little harder to blend, but not anything that would make me dislike the product. I use this palette to do my everyday eye look. I've gotten so many compliments from the girls who work at MAC thinking they're MAC colors. I've hit pan in almost all the colors, and can honestly say that I wouldn't mind using this palette everyday.