Beauty Product Reviews

Bright and shine!

This is a really bright lipstick and thats what i love, it looks so fresh and bright and its so amazing. It stays for more than ten ours, i put it on going to school and back it was the same as in the morning. This pic is when i came back from school!


I really love it, it is my first purple lipstick and it's so fabulous. 'Mac Heroine is back' Yes and i selled it the same day!! Because of this one i think im going to buy more purple ones!

So black!

My eyeliner has never been this black! I always searched for a really black eyeliner and this one is so black and fits so good, at the end of the day it still looks so perfect! I use it with the 219 brush from Mac!


O my god this is one of the most beautiful palettes in the whole wide world i really love brown, grey and black eyeshadow and it all looks so good together!!


This color is so perfect, matte and red! The perfect combination and it fits so good. But why not 5 starts? The lipstick is so dry.. But its so beautiful that you forget that!