Beauty Product Reviews


I needed this pallette before I even saw it in person, and ever since I bought it I know I cant ever live w out it lol! The colors are so unique and fantastic, and the names are cute too. The book of eye look ideas is so clever, Ive already tried all four of the looks. and although I love this pallette more than any of my many others, my absolute favorite part about it is the eyeliner it comes w. It is sooo incredible smooth and pigmented. Its almost like a gel liner in pencil form, its amazing. If youre a trublood fan (and even if youre not :] ) I absolutely recomend this pallette!!

Gliterazzi? I think yes!

I have soo many of M.A.C. glitters, i cant even keep track. what girl doesnt love glitter?! this product is pretty much amazing, but not for the feint of heart. theyre really bold and extra shiny! you can use these as a glitter liner, all over the lid for a gaga worthy look, or just in your inner corner to brighten up your eyes. the MAC glitters can also be used by people that want a little color and glitz but not too much, just a pop of sparkle. over all I 100% recomend this product! so much fun :D

Gotta love some NYX ;]

The best thing about NYX is that it is a product of amazing qualities, and at the most affordable price. Im pretty sure its even cheaper than covergirl!! I have almost all of the liquid crystal liners. they are absolutely fantastic. the amount of glitter is substantial, and you can wear them alone of paired w a colored liner. w most glitter eyeliners, its a pain to remove them at night when you wash your face, and theres always a few glitters left on your face, but these liners are very easy to remove, and yet will stay on all day if need be. the only 2 problems i have w this product is that it takes awhile to dry so you sometimes get it all over your lid if youre not careful, and when they do dry they leave a sort of "tight" dry feeling on your lids bc they arent stretchy. other than that, another amazing buy from NYX!