Beauty Product Reviews

Exceptionally Vivid

This color is even better in person! I was so pleased when I got it. The pigment is so rich and deep. In indoor lighting it is beautiful still, but when I stepped out in the sunshine this glitter went to a whole new level! I am going to be SO sparkly this summer! Did I mention that this color is absolutely sensational?!?! I like how versatile all the glitters are too. I put this over Armour's Femme Fatal lip gloss and it looked so cool! I would strongly recommend purchasing this color. I ordered from Beautylish and my stuff came quickly and in uber cute packaging. It even had a hand written thank you note! So I would recommend ordering from Beautylish as well!

Great Product!

I got the kit free with the purchase of three Lit glitters from Beautylish. I'm in love with all of it! The kit is awesome, and I would recommend buying it on it's own. Beautylish was quick to get it to me and it all came in adorable packaging! Also, I would strongly recommend ordering from Beautylish if you haven't already!

The Clearly Liquid Glitter Base is lightly scented, which I didn't see mentioned in the description so it came as a surprise, but it's not bad. It has a soapy, clean smell. You only have to use a little bit. When I was initially testing it out I used way too much and It got rather cakey. So a little goes a long way!

The brush is a good size. It covers about 3mm (give or take) in one stroke. I used it to do a thick lash-line and it worked really well, but I found myself reaching for a finer brush for my bottom line. All in all though a handy tool.

The Spark-L Duster is really neat. It is a piece of soft cotton with mesh wrapped around it. A bit scratchy, but useful, not to mention it's really cute! (always a plus right?) I wouldn't buy it on it's own though. It seems to easy (cheap too) to just make one yourself , which I intend to do once this one has seen it's day. Like I said before though, it is very useful.

Of all the kit, the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base is the only item I will be purchasing again, but I am not dissatisfied with this product.