Beauty Product Reviews

the best out of the best. :) seriously if you have tried the urban decay, two faced and other hyped products, this is the one to go for. If the other primers work for you, that's fine because this is on the little pricey side; however, this is the only one that lasts the WHOLE day on me without creasing or getting the colour off! worth your money if you have oily eyelids

i have really oily eyelids. unfortunately this primer doesn't last the whole day for me. it creases on me :( i will wear it if im just going out to lunch or something but if im going out to dance with my friends or something, i'll reach for my nars eyeshadow primer :)

not that great... it's good to put underneath a lipstick or to use for just a bit of gloss and the smell is lovely but it's not a very good moisturizer. so if you have really dried lips i wouldn't recommend this. if you're just looking for something that smells good and looks cute, it's worth a purchase