Beauty Product Reviews

My skin drinks this up and loves it!

I am so delighted with these products- I broke a cardinal rule and used four of them at once- and my skin is soft and bright and happy. I will be dumping my high priced skin care routine and switching to the Ordinary. This absorbs well and my skin is happy - and I can add a little primrose or argon oil for extra love now and again.

My skin loves it

Like most of us I thought these products couldn't be fabulous at their low prices...and I was wrong! I tried this in the morning post cleanse and though it felt a little odd- almost granular- my skin was so soft and happy afterwards. I am unfamiliar with the science of whether this is the best form of vitamin C but I like it a lot.

RIsky for me- and oh so worth it!

I don't always wear colors this bright but when I bought Androgyny (swoon!) it called to me. My late mother, who wore no other make-up would wear bright gash of pink lipstick of all things- very unlike her! There is a woman at work who is very blunt when she does not like the lipstick I choose so it was with some trepidation that I wore this one- and she told me at least four times that day how much she loved it! I give four stars only because though it applies well and stays on the longest of any lippies I have, it does not take re-application well, with some cracking. That will not stop me from wearing my JS lippies- I love them! I get some feathering- but then- I am a "woman of a certain age " lol.