Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!

This is the best eyeshadow when you are in a rush, it is beautiful, it just takes few seconds to apply and it stays on all day. I have 4 colours, and I love them all, sometimes I mix them. You can do different looks with them. You just have to be careful to not put the product in your eyes, because even if you do not have sensitive eyes, you will cry (it is written on the box of the product and this is true...)

I wrote a nice review but the stars were not correct

I am sorry, I did not find how to edit my previous review. It was a very good review, but there was no star, I wanted to give 5 stars to this product ;-)

nice but does not last long (at least when wearing eyeshadow)

I liked the idea of a powdered pencil, and I really like how it looks when I put it on. It is very easy to apply it and the colour is beautiful. However, it does not last more than 20 minutes. And especially on the bottom lashes, it flakes and it does not look nice at all. It may be because of the mesmerizing eye shadow, because it is a creamy one, but when I went back to my make up for ever pencils, they worked quite well with this cream eyeshadow. So it should be indicated that the pen works only in some conditionsµ.

Beautiful and easy to apply

I love this mona lisa shade on my hazelnut eyes. Very easy to apply with a brush. I just need that when I am on a rush the morning, this is great! The produc did not crease even if I do not have young eyes (I am 44). i am thinking of buying other shades

Very expensive for almost no difference

I love CT make up, and I really wanted to try out one of her creams. I like the feeling when I apply it, but honestly, expect a little bit of shimmer, I do not see the difference on my skin. I waited before writing the review because I thought I may see a difference after 2 weeks. But no, I think my skin is the same. So it is not a bad product but it is very expensive for a product that does not add much...

Nice effect but does not stay very long

I really like the colour and I like the fact that it is a small pot that I can have in my purse to put a little bit of colour on my cheeks during the day. However, I do not give more than 3 stars because it does not stay on for long at all.

Looks nice but gives me a rash each time I use it

I really wanted to like this produc as I have seen a video from Lisa Eldridge using it. I am not a great fan of hyper shimmery highlighters, so this one seemed to be the perfect one. I have used it several times , trying to use it in different ways, on top of different products, but I had a rash each time: this is a bit red, really itchy, with little bumps. Not really what we want when we try to highlight the high point of our cheeks... last time it lasted 1 week, and stupidely I tried again this morning, and it is again a rash, more severe than before... Same under my eyebrows. What is really surprising is that I do not have sensitive skin at all! Very disapointed