Beauty Product Reviews

Great Kit!

Great little kit but yes a bit on the powdery side! I ordered online and unfortunately it came a bit cracked (I purchased from a private seller who gave me my money back let me keep the palette). All the colors are so soft (which I love!) And lush. The purples are my favorite!

Must Have!!!!

I love this palette is a must have. I became hooked about 3 years ago when I purchased with a sephora gift card. At first I thought it was sort of over priced. Once I opened up this beauty I was pleasantly surprised! It came with an applicator brush and step-by-step cards how to achieve certain looks. So I was already impressed! Once I opened it up I started from top left Day and worked my way down. Very high pigmentation along with silky smooth application. I definitely recommend this palette for classic makeup or pinup looks. Everything you need!!! Purchase this you won't be disappointed!