Beauty Product Reviews

This is a staple in my home!!

I am so blessed to have found this stuff, it's amazing!! Not only does it heal my chapped lips, but it also works on eczema! All 3 of my daughters suffer from eczema to some degree, and this stuff not only clears up the rash quickly but it also soothes the itch. I use it on sunburned skin, cracked skin, as a cuticle moisturizer, razor burn, cuts, scrapes and scratches. My girls know that I'm serious about my "Paw Paw Ointment" and whenever they get a Boo Boo or an Owie, they know to go get the Big Red Jar. It doesn't stink and it doesn't burn on broken skin, I'm loving it!!!

I absolutely LOVE this product!! I bought the Dark Brown after reading all the great reviews on it. I use this with a Brow Pencil, as I do not have much brow left on one side due to having a piercing in it long ago. This product does its job and then some. I recently had a situation where my boyfriend and I went out of town and ended up having to stay the night instead of coming back due to impeding weather conditions, I fell asleep in my makeup (I know, shame on me, but I wasn't using that hotel bar soap on my face), I woke up in the morning and eyebrows were STILL on my face and not on the pillows!!! They looked like they had been freshly applied, and my boyfriend looks at me and goes "That must be some really expensive stuff because it looks like it's just been done!!!", I laughed and told him quality doesn't always cost an arm and leg. This is now a staple in my makeup bag!!!! :-)