Beauty Product Reviews

Overall great purchase

I love love love all the shadows. There are perfect matte browns for blending in the crease and gorgeous shimmery neutrals for an easy everyday eye look. I love how there's also some fun colored shades like the maroon, khaki, and red/brown color. I love the color names but am upset that they are not printed on the back of the palette. I love how you get a larger sized pan of the creamy matte shadow. I used that kind of color in every look and usually those are the shades I hit pan first in palettes so I think that was really well thought out. They texture of all of the shadows is excellent, though my "haute chocolate" is very weird and hard. Ive scraped the top layer off, but I still can't get decent color payoff from it for some reason. Also I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but these shadows seem to always crease on me no matter what primer I use. Must be the cocoa powder formula because I've never experienced this with other Too Faced shadows. Still, the wonderful color selection, SMELL, and cute candy bar packaging, make it so so worth while. :)