Beauty Product Reviews

This kit is amazing! The positint is a perfect summer color and looks natural on. The highbeam I use everyday almost, it is my favorite product in the whole kit! The powder blush (dandelion) is also very pretty. It also looks natural on and you can also put it overtop of positint. Lastly, the lipgloss goes on smoothly and I like the color a lot :)

I personally really like this palette it has amazing color pay off/ pigmentation and blends well! The only thing I don't like is that It has a little fallout so you have to be careful when applying. Other than that I like this palette a ton and you can make so many different eye looks with it!

I have these in three different shades and they are so amazing! They go on so nice and smooth and the color is really pigmented. And they are a reasonable price.

This nail Polish goes on so nice and smooth! The colors are also gorgeous. I love doing nails and it's hard to find really great nail polishes that don't streak, but this nail polish doesn't streak at all. I have this in a few different shades and I like them all so much. :)

I really like this eye liner it goes on well and makes a clean straight line and it's so inexpensive! I had really nice cats eyes with this and it comes in so many different colors! I would recommend this