Beauty Product Reviews

Get this and the Z-10 and your eyes will shine!

I love the Chikuhodo Z-10 brush for its pointed tip and softness. Only downfall is that it cannot be used with cream products and I am careful using it to deposit eye shadow over eyeliner with too much pressure. This brush, the Chikuhodo T-8 is a great tool to have if you want to protect your Z-10's delicate hair. It also maintains it's shape a little better at the tip because of the high quality goat (Saikoho) hair. I use this brush for inner corner highlight, followed by gently blending the middle third with the outer 1/3 under the eye...something I don't do as much with the Z-10 because of it's fluffiness. The T-8 is very unique and directional! Oh, and it is as equally soft as gray squirrel hair--I was both surprised and impressed when I first tried it. Give it a go! You won't be disappointed in this amazing brush. It's beautiful in overall design, functional, and retains it's hair shape. Very pleased.

Amazing. Best eye brush I own.

Have had this brush for a little bit and it is the most amazing pencil brush ever! Soft, doesn't hurt your eyes and is great for detail work. Can blend while drawing a soft line at the same time. No harsh lines or pokey bristles. The Z-10 is excellent and worth the money! So happy. I use it mainly for lower lash line and inner highlight work. Don't use it with cream or liquid products as it is gray squirrel hair, only with powder! Enjoy!