Beauty Product Reviews

Best foundation I have ever come across

It's amazing the amount of coverage one can get from such a lightweight base. I break out right before my period with an average of five zits scattered randomly across my face. I can pat this on and it covers them almost completely. It does not create a matte appearance as with most foundations. Rather, I find that it's hardly detectable (as in people will think you aren't wearing any base) and causes skin to glow in a dewy sort of way. Very youthful and healthy looking. I have gotten many compliments on how beautiful my skin is while wearing it (not how beautiful my MAKE-UP is) . It settles nicely onto my combination skin after I apply a light moisturizer. I then dust skin with a mineral veil to set and give it staying power and I find it rarely creases. Being of the La Mer family, it is a bit pricey. But for the beauty benefit provided I find this product to be worth every cent.