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Love it!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

This pallet has become my ultimate bæ! This is not only a eyeshadow pallet it could be use as eyeshadow, bronzer and concealer. This pallet I can a not live with out. The shades are incredibly amazing to use and when you apply it it is very nice and amazing. You should try it!

Worth it!

This product is heavenly! Every one should get it because it's like apart of you when you buy it. This BB cream is the best I have ever tried. The range of colours is good as well, I enjoy this product so much that it has become my priority.

This product is perfect for smokey eyes and neutral colours as well. The brush is double sided with a normal eye shadow brush and a really soft brush. Since I have gotten it this pallet I can not Iive without. I recommend you buying this for people who love makeup😍😍

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This colour is so perfect for spring and it is really light on your lips. I recommend this for women who love spring and wants a light shade of pink, also it is a very neutral colour! This product was very good for price and the coverage was excellent. This lasted 8 hours and I didn't even know it was on.