Beauty Product Reviews

Miracle Worker

Before I got this brush, I wasn't convinced it would be that good, as the bristles are quite short, but I was definitely wrong there! It wasn't until I used this brush properly, I realised the bristles had been designed perfectly to detangle, without pulling, as they are flexible, without being too soft. I currently have hair extensions sewn in using the Malaysian Weave technique, and this brush is great for gliding over my hair extensions without snagging at the roots. I don't think I could live without this brush, I don't see me needing to repurchase any time soon, as these are very well made, but if I ever do lose my Tangle Teezer, I will be rushing out to get a new one.

Surprisingly Good!

I received this perfume as a gift, and I have to admit, I thought it was one of those presents that would get left to one side, as I don't usually buy in to celebrity brands. When I first sprayed it, I was pleasantly surprised, it smells like it should cost a lot more and I got down the bottle pretty quickly. This scent is good for day or night. I'm not sure if I will re-purchase to be honest, just because perfume is not something I buy a lot of, I buy one particular perfume for my self and if I receive any others as gifts, its a bonus. I would be tempted to buy this perfume if it came on sale though.

Beautiful, Summery, Fresh

I received this as a gift, and I am so glad I did! I probably wouldnt have chosen this for my self, but this summery fragrance is perfect for daytime, it is so flowers and fresh, but not over powering. I have received many compliments while wearing this perfume, and definitely want to re-purchase soon, as the bottle is almost empty and I have found my self saving it for special occasions.

Another Amazing Palette from UD

I already had the original Naked palette, which is why I knew I had to buy this one, and it is just as amazing. I have read some reviews where people say that each palette is suited to different skin tones, but I am quite pale, and I love and use them both equally. Although I love the mini lipgloss that comes with this product, I think another primer potion, or an eyeliner would have been better, only because for the money you pay, I want to feel like I'm getting value for money, and the lipgloss just doesn't make me feel that way like the primer potion did. The eyeshadows them selves are beautiful, and I can create so many different looks with these palettes, which surprises me, for a bunch of neutral colours.

Great Product

I first tried this when I bought the Naked palette, I probably wouldn't have bought it otherwise as it is a bit pricey, but since trying itI will definitely re-purchase as I do like it a lot. I am yet to try any of the other shades, but the original formula does exactly what it needs to do. It evens the skin tone on my lids, and mattifies any shine. This primer makes my eyeshadow last through hours of partying in the hottest nightclubs which for me is the ultimate test. The only reason this primer has recevied 4 stars instead of 5, is because I do favour a primer from another brand, and i tend to use this as my back up primer. Also I sometimes forget I am wearing makeup, and I rub my eyes, and this primer does not withstand that, where as my other primer does.

My Go To Palette

I have had this palette since Christmas 2012 and it instantly became my favourite. I find this palette great for natural and dramatic looks, as it has a great colour range with different textured eyeshadows. I also love the fact that this palette comes with the primer, and that was the deciding factor in choosing the Naked over the Naked2, even though I ended up buying Naked2 a few months later, because I enjoyed this palette so much. I love to mix the shades from both palettes as they compliment each other fabulously. It has become such a habbit to reach straight for this palette, that I have found I have to force my self to use other palettes sometimes, just so they dont go to waste.