Beauty Product Reviews

Payoff is sooo worth learning how to work it!

Cream foundations in general are my favourite for complexion, because of the easy blendability, the versatile coverage options, and the high-pigment/low-product-usage factor. Believe me, I've been using cream foundations forever... And Yaby's are amazing. Unparalleled. VERY UNIQUE, however, and on the first go, you may just want to throw your brush at someone, and give up. BUT DON'T!

My first time, I definitely used too much product and ended up sponging most of it off. But I was PUMPED because even the amount I used that was too much, was SO LITTLE! And I knew I just had to figure out how to work this stuff to my advantage, since I had seen it in action before and LOVED it.

Yaby's cream foundations are unlike any other. The finish they give is INCREDIBLY close to the natural finish of bare skin (not extra dewy, not plastic-y, not super matte, JUST RIGHT!!) and the natural-yet-flawless look you can achieve with them due to the TINY amount of product you need is absolutely stunning. The thing is, you simply can't just slap it on the skin and blend from there like any other liquid or cream foundation.

It's a very dry cream product, due to the pigmentation and formulation, which is SO FANTASTIC because the wearability/durability is like none other. Because it's dry you have to first make sure the skin is NICELY PREPPED before application. Exfoliated, moisturized, primed. You have to warm up the foundation, or moreso actually BREAK it up before you even think about putting it on the skin. You really have to work it onto a palette with a nice stiff brush, so that it seems as though there is almost no product on the brush, and you're just streaking it around... THEN you apply to the skin - you **feather** it on all over. And you achieve this BEAUTIFUL flawless but natural result, still seeing the skin but with a much more even tone all-round. Feel free to go ahead and build where you need to on top of that, but I'd recommend building coverage only where needed using a tiny touch of concealer and/or power foundation.

This cream foundation is not for the heavy-handed, the impatient, the lazies, or the quitters of the makeup world. Patience, practice and a particular "less is more" mindset toward beautiful skin will get you far with this product. You could also go ahead and thin it down with a nice fluid moisturizer in a pinch, but the effect is different.

SO! 5 stars if it was just up to me, but I'm docking half a star because it's a product that takes a bit of practice.

OH ALSO: Best thing for artists is that you can replace the pans individually as you use them up, and they are really inexpensive. Way better than having to replace an ENTIRE palette just because you ran out of a couple of colours. ;)