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Flaky nose gone.

I'm glad I received this product. It actually is so finely milled and soft it feels like clouds. And it's perfect for backing. Usually I'm oily except my nose which is very very dry. With the powder it doesn't make my nose look flaky . Love using it with a damp sponge or a tiny puff. I'm in love. Just wish the packaging was more useable.

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Ummm no please

Yeah ok well first off product came leaking all over the inside of its box. Second, what? Enough to three faces, not my intentions . Product was wasted and such a huge disappointment. Didn't have enough product to form a decision on how I like the product. Should of bought the Rcma translucent powder.

Um yesssss give me all.

Got mint condition and at first I was like umm green. I love green but as a high light when I'm pretty pale-ish. But no it was beautiful and blends so smoothly like cream. Also the skin frost doesn't exaggerate my pores so A++++. And for people who got king tut and arrive shattered really need to stop blaming jeffree for it being to smooth and breaking. Like come on. Did you think he knew this would happen. He tried to delis a product that was the best of the best and all of you are being selfish.

Me in one

Green are my favorite Colour but this one? Oh yes please. This has to be one of my favorite lipstick colors from Jeffree Star. Complements my green/gray eyes. If you are not share to buy this I would say put a dollar next to your lips since it is money, dirty money. Needs about two coats for slightly pink lips.

Chocolate heaven

This is one Colour I wouldn't normally wear but of course I do. Such a beautiful chocolate brown. Very smooth formula with only one coat and you take on the rest of the world. The Wand helps with the application. A total recommendation.


I really dislike Mac lipstick one is cause their not cruelty free but I had this lipstick when they where but I'm now writing oh we'll but one this I don't like the smell lot smells like little kids make up two it doesn't last long after one hour it's gone and I haven't eaten or do any thing with my lips thirds it leave a bad taste In my mouth which makes me want to puke so I never worn since then.

Too light

I have pitch black eyebrows and this just makes them look like they have dirt, I hate rules say don't use black products on brow we'll guest what most of can't use a dark brown we have to use black.

I wanna love this color but it seems to be the less opaque every one says it's so perfect but I can't seem to justify that. I have to add layers and layer of shadow just to get the color I want.

I use this eyeliner every day and this is my third one. If you like matte eyeliners this is a good one and the pigmentation. Is awesome and a good price as we'll

I low these they have realy good pigmentation I highly recomand this product especially if you don't want to pay a lot for one eyeshadow. Will buy more soon