Beauty Product Reviews

My favorite mascara of all time 😍

It's amazing! I'm on my second bottle and I love it so much! I already have pretty long eyelashes naturally and it makes them looks so thick! It's great!!! Highly recommend it to everyone!💗💗💗


I love this so much it makes your lashes look great. It always holds the curl in my lashes. It totally volumized AND lengthened my eyelashes. Although it's an expensive mascara it's defiantly my favorite mascara of all time. I will defiantly be repurchasing this when I run out of my current mascara.


The eps lip balms are pretty good. They smells great! I think the eggs shape is cute but not very practical because it doesn't fit easily in pocket or things like that. The lip balm doesn't last very long though and I feel you need to reapply often but overall it's ok


Favorite primer I have and I use it every single day!!!!! It makes the shadows really bright and last all day long! I works with all kinda of eyeshadows and I just love it