Beauty Product Reviews

If you put value into your brushes you need these

I have brushes ranging from $-$$$ and they are now all used with these. I take these when I travel for events. After cleaning my brushes and they have dried they get put right into these to keep the shape. Don't be fooled by the look of these, they really do have a nice stretch to them while still keeping those bristles in place!

Great for blending in those foundation spots

I really loved the way this blends out my cream and liquid foundations. With the pointed tip you can really get into the spots around your nose and lips that can be difficult sometimes. It's a bit of a pain storing and cleaning all the time though, and unless you can really find your technique it can take some time to get used to.

Always my first go to

I love this product. It fills all the spots I've missed gives me a nice smooth canvas. My photos are so much better when I'm wearing this. A little goes a long way so you get you money's worth out of this.