Eden H.

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About Me

Eye Color: Hazel
Complexion: Fair
Skin Type: Normal
Hair Texture: Dry, Normal
Birthday: November 22
Age: 25


Q. Do you do anything besides makeup?
A. Absolutely. I do hair, but I don't have any good pictures of styles at the moment; my iPod Touch is out of commission and my camera's AWOL. Once that situation is remedied, I'll be doing video and picture tutorials for anything and everything.

Q. Why don't you use concealer or foundation in most of your makeup looks?
A. For makeup, I do mostly avante-garde looks on here. I find that, since I have pretty good skin (... most of the time), it's easier to just focus on whatever it is that I'm trying to highlight.

Q. Okay, so if I don't feel comfortable going bare-skinned/if going bare-skinned isn't crucial to the look, can I do my normal foundation/concealer routine?
A. Absolutely! For most of my looks, changing or perfecting your skin just isn't necessary, but if you want to do it, go for it! If you're trying to replicate the look and look like you AREN'T wearing any foundation/concealer/etc, I recommend L'Oreal True Match powder foundation & concealer - when I DO use foundation, it's what I use, and it covers amazingly without causing breakouts.

Q. Do you actually wear this stuff OUT? Some of your looks are... well... insane.
A. In the summer, I don't do any makeup at all unless it's a special occasion. In the winter, fall, and spring? Sure, why not? I'm not going to walk into a job interview with the Lady GaGa eye bolt, and I don't advise that you do so, but other than that, why not?

Q. Do I need super-fancy brushes to do any of your looks?
A. Hell no. For eyeliners, lipsticks, lipglosses, etc., I always use the applicator in the pack. For eyeshadows, I use a small contouring brush. For blush, I use a contour brush and a kabuki brush. If necessary, just use fingers.

Q. Were you born this awesome?
A. Maybe. Some people are born awesome, some achieve awesome, and some have awesome thrust upon them. Studies are under way to determine precisely which this is the case for me.