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Beauty Product Reviews

My go to.

Love this palette. I use it almost every time I go out. And I sometimes use Charlotte's Wonderglow?, under it. No eye primers even though I do have a bit oily lids, and the colors last throughout the whole day for me. I am a bit fair/ neutral skin/tone..


I've bought this mascara from the Brands website a couple yrs back and fell in LOVE! But it's not cheap and im an adult who couldn't justify buying it again... Until I saw Beautylish hosting the brand, Hourglass Cosmetics. It's still the same mascara I fell in love with. I get like watery eyes sometimes, from laughing and what not. Cheaper mascara will get in my eyes and just BURN them. This has never done that with me. Will always go back to.

Its a pretty color. But I seriously have to apply 4-6 coats just to see it. I honestly will not repurchase. It doesn't even apply evenly :/ But Smith and Cult did not have any soft pink nail polish in yet...

Really pretty color. Planning on getting another smith & cult nail product. I am a bit disappointed though that I spent close to $20 and the top arrived dented in, in 2 pictures. I've bought plenty of products from Beautylish, this is the 1st time something like this has happened. If I could do 3.8 stars I would.