Beauty Product Reviews

Awesome and multipurpose

I absolutely love this stuff! I don't wear much eyeshadow on a daily basis but i use this to keep my eyeliner in place and it really does the job. I also use it under my eyes as a primer for my concealer. It gives my eyes a little luminous glow without being overwhelming once i put my concealer over it. I am a waitress and am constantly battling my makeup melting off but i never have to worry about my eye makeup because this stuff is fantastic!

Not for me

I bought this product after hearing excellent reviews from friends and my favorite beauty blogs. I was so excited to try the blender thinking it would give my already awesome tarte foundation even more of a flawless coverage, however once I got it home and tried it I was quite disappointed. I have difficult skin with acne scars and pretty regular breakouts so it takes a steady hand to cover my skin and achieve flawless coverage, this product picked up my foundation allowing my blemishes to be seen instead of blending my foundation in. I think this is probably a great product for those with great skin but if you're like me and have a lot of problem areas i wouldn't recommend this product