Beauty Product Reviews

Mixed feelings

I heard great reviews about the original Naked Palette & so I got the Naked2 as soon as I saw it. The neutral colors are beautiful and the shadows are very pigmented. I was disappointed to find a sample lip plumping lipgloss instead of the sample eyeshadow primer the first palette came with. For one, my lips are very full already and two... An eyeshadow primer made more sense to be included with an eyeshadow palette. All in all, I have been happy with my purchase although I don't see too much difference in color on my eyelids with certain colors. I have dark brown skin and I feel like the color difference shows better on fairer skin tones. This is a great neutral eyeshadow palette however. A good one to start with as far as neutral shades. Worth the money.

Better than sex? I don't know, but pretty good!

I was looking for a mascara that gave me both volume and length... This mascara was exactly what I needed. I don't have long lashes and can't seem to get falsies right. I don't like the clumpy eyelash look and I didn't have to worry about that using this product. Idk if I'd continue to spend this much on a mascara consistently but it's a great product and does what it says.