Beauty Product Reviews

One word: LOVE!

This cream is super thin yet MEGA hydrating without adding too much slip to the skin. It works well on my oily skin and on my partners dry skin. It has an instant effect on the texture of the skin making it more supple, hydrated, and plumped up without feeling heavy/greasy at all. The light weight texture makes this work amazing under makeup too! I'm shocked by how much I like it.

Sorry Charlie, they're better cream highlighters out there.

I usually don't write negative reviews, but given the hype I've heard surrounding this product I was extremely let down when I got it and started to try it. It IS gorgeous.....when first applied, but the formula is far too emollient and breaks down very fast on the skin. The only way I can see this lasting is if you have particularly dry skin. Sadly for normal to oily skin it's a no go for me. And if you live in a hot climate forget about it. You'd get similar, if not better, results from the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar On the Go palettes, MAC Cream Color Bases, Benefit Watts Up, and other cult favorite creams. Sorry RMS =/

Without a doubt the best shadows I have EVER used.

As a professional makeup artist I have used many different brands of shadows throughout the years. Viseart is without a doubt the BEST shadows that I have ever used. The pigmentation is there, the blend like a dream, and they hold up exceptionally well on the lids. I own ALL of the Viseart eye palettes and I love every single one of them. I use the #1 matte palette LITERALLY every time I do someone's makeup. The colors are multi functional and work well for the brows as well as working for highlighting and contouring. Given the quality and amount of product you get these palettes are an exceptional value for your money. I know what you're saying....."Do I REALLY need another neutral palette?" The answer is yes. Yes you do! Put it/them in your cart and hit that checkout button before these sell out! And for all those wondering there is a REASON why these palettes sell out everywhere so fast, Viseart only produces their products in what most companies would consider "small batches" to ensure that the quality is at it's very best. That's what you get with Viseart....Quality.

Surprising find!

I received a deluxe sample of this product with my last bioderma purchase. At first I was a bit apprehensive since there was little information on the sample in English. I decided to give it a go on my own skin and I was pleasantly surprised. I have oily yet dehydrated skin and I prefer moisturizing products that will hydrate without adding excessive amounts of oil. I'm also prone to break outs so I have to be careful with what I try. This fit the bill and did exactly that! Because my skin was moisturized properly it didn't produce more oil to make up for the dehydration. What a great find! As a makeup artist I can see this being a valuable addition to my kit as well when it launches here.


Let me start of by saying that I TRULY do love everything about this oil. It does all that the other reviewers have already stated exceedingly well at a very decent price. With that being said there is on major drawback and that's the packaging. The stopper and dropper is faulty. At time the pipet disconnects from the lid and at other times the rubber dropper disconnects from the lid entirely. You can get it forced back in but what this means is that the product is not travel friendly in the packaging as is. Also tonight for the first time the silver cap on the lid separated from the twist on lid itself making it a chore to open. For the packaging alone I took off one star. If Indie Lee upgraded the packaging then this would get 5++++++ stars. You can always pick up a dropper bottle from your local arts and crafts store though.