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Adore it

I use to use Make Up Forever's HD powder and I loved that very much. I do hate that it does get everywhere though. When this came out, I didn't have a high expectation on it because it's powder, it usually doesn't last on my skin. It set my concealer and foundation so well that when I took a nap the first time I wore it, it didn't come off. I was a bit shocked. I got banana powder because I try to give my skin back a golden color since I've lost my tan skin over the years. I do love that it is lightly scented. I feel that it works good with my skin. I did purchase another which is in Rose but I probably won't be using that anytime soon. I will say this though, when I got the package there was powder on inside without the tab being moved. Not sure if that's cause of it being shipped or what but it's a little bit of an issue.

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Love it!!

I have really dark circles under my eyes. I was using NudeStix before I purchased this and let me tell you, I was not expecting this kind of product from JSC. I was able to cover my acne, my dark circles, a very dark purple vein I have under my eye and a red spot with this. It does work very well with my combination skin. I will be repurchasing this again very soon!


So I wear a lot of make-up which includes the very famous JSC line. He has a lipstick that is very staining which is Hi, How Are Ya? Well my son had got a hold of it, which he loves to play with my make-up, what child doesn't? Well he put it on his face and his eye lids. I had this stuff sent to me as a sample and I knew something good was going to come out of it. I melted it against his skin and it came off. I have a hard time getting that one off because it's a Vegan red and we all know certain colors stain the skin. This immediately removed it so I had to buy the Trio because I have never used something so amazing in my life! It is worth the money and it has replaced my other make-up removers I own. Thank you Beautylish, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have an amazing product that clears up my make-up so swell. It's a beautiful texture, adds back the moisture I lose from wearing all my make-up. This will be a forever purchase for me. Can't wait to try their serums!