Beauty Product Reviews

Glad I bought this!

I have been using this every night since I bought it, and I am pleasantly surprised. I wondered how long the hydrating clay would remain in the sponge and if it would help my skin. I have Combination skin, with an oily T-Zone and dry skin under my eyes and my chin and it really gets dry during the winter months. The sponge holds a lot of water and it works well with my skin cleanser, I don't have to scrub and it takes everything off. It leaves my face feeling very soft and hydrated. I would buy this again and I am looking at the other Boscia sponge products, too.

Great for my Combination skin!

I have Combination skin, with a very oily T-Zone so I have to be careful using anything that is oil-based. I am in my late 50's but I have begun to break out with acne on my face..I didn't have this problem in my youth. But my skin outside of my T-Zone gets VERY dry in the winter months and I can use Plant-based Squalene to help that but this is the BEST face oil I have found to date! It sinks in and I can use it all over my face. It is helping to keep my T-Zone much less oily and it lasts ALL DAY! LOVE THIS FACE OIL!!


I got this as a sample with my last order. I LOVE THIS! I use a different product for removing makeup and it is great for my skin. I get redness and blotchiness on my face if I scrub too much. This needs none of that, you put it on and no excessive rubbing needed at all. AND I got some in my eye which always happens and it didn't burn so it's really safe for sensitive skin. This is a KEEPER.

I really love this Conspiracy/Mini Controversy Palettes

I love everything Jeffree Star has offered us over the years, it's always the best. But with this collab and Docu-Series showing everything, being able to see the colors before the launch was great! This Palette Duo has me smiling like crazy. The Matte colors are AMAZING, they work for us older gals. And the Shimmer shades are out of this world! The Box is unreal too! I may buy the Androgyny Eye Palette to use with this Palette, which will give me infinite Mattes and Shimmers to last me a long time! Will be back for the Re-Stock :)