Beauty Product Reviews

I love them ! They are soft beautiful. Makeup applications are a breeze thanks to these amazing brushes. I’m spoiled


What a Beautiful palette!!!! I'm so in love with it !!!! The colors are so creamy and pigmented.

Yes !!!

I'm in love with Good Genes !!!! I am amazed by how quickly the discoloration correcting serum worked on my hyperpigmentation. I will definitely purchase again and again.


Sonia G brushes are truly amazing!!!! I have the Sky Face Set ,Pro Eye set and the new designer Pro . My next purchase will be the Pro Face Set. Nothing compares to Sonia G brushes. FABULOUS!!!!


The Sky Face Set is DIVINE!!!! So much FABULOUSNESS is in this set !!!! I'm forever hooked.

I had no idea !!!!!!

OMG !!!!! I don't know where to start!!!! The artistry ,skills and love that was put into these brushes are amazing!!!!

I had no idea !!!!!!

OMG !!!!! I don't even know where to start and all of this FABULOUSNESS!!!!! The artistry , care and skills that was put into these brushes are truly amazing!!!!!