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Pictures to go with my earlier review

Best application and blending. Classic color story WITH luxury ingredients. Im 60. Of course my eyelids are crepey. No problem for this formulation.

Instant favorite

First, I am sixty. The profile picture is recent (within the year). I have loved makeup since I was 16. I started with high-end, Lancome, Chanel. My first eyeshadow was Window Box Peaches from Elizabeth Arden. I've had to make adjustments over the years to compensate for my eyes sloping down a bit more, being a bit more hooded, and crepy under-eyes, but make-up makes the difference ... always has, always will. That's my past and present, fast-forward to Wayne Goss's first eye palette. I would expect nothing less than a neutral palette of quality eyeshadows, just like Versaci surely followed Coco Chanel with a little black dress. Get very creative later, but for now, let's start with a classic. Thank you, Wayne! The quality is excellent.