Beauty Product Reviews


I bought 3 shades chicaboomboom, checkmeout,and polish me happy when i saw they sell it on the local mall without thinking and i was shocked about the quality it was pretty good!: 1)easy to apply on BOTH hands. 2)good price 3)vibrant opaque colors; some you have to add 2 coats but thats ok for me 4)It doesn't chip easily, im not really sure if it does i had it on for 3-5 days and it didn't 5) i recommend buying it!


This product is amazing it helped my dry lips so much it makes it soft like baby lips plus OMG the smell "DREAM VANILLA DELIG" is like i love it i know vanilla flavour is everywhere but this is like vanilla sugar rainbows i just dunno lol so its worth a try!


I Totally LOVE loophole it's not thick or too thin and i like its color it's this rich silver and i had this for 2 years and nothing happened with it its PERFECT!!!!

I really like it because it smooths down my hair you really must have it! i use it when my hair is whet then i blow dry it at last i have my hair shiny and smooth its the best smoother i ever had perfect for bad hair days :)