Beauty Product Reviews

Great colors

This palette's colors lured me in. After scouring ingredients(talc makes my eyes red), i bought it and haven't stopped playing with it. The red shimmer is to die for; easy application too.

Love it

This mascara takes my lashes up and keeps them up. Minimal clumping(no tarantula eye here) and easy application.

I like!

Loving Diva in all its glory! Two coats it's on, paired with a gloss it goes for hours. Comfy as sin with a gold sheen. The boyfriend loves it too ❤


Underwhelming, dry as the Sahara desert. The price is just too much so if you are on the fence buy the mini at Sephora like I did. The plus side is apart from some gloss this lipstick was around 99% transfer proof and I did like it, just not as much as I thought I would.