Beauty Product Reviews

Hard pan, lacks pigmentation

Upon first swatch the bottom right shade went straight hard pan. I had to dig my brush in first dry, then wet, then I finally got some semblance of pigment and then had to use my finger to dig in some more to top off the shadow I had used a wet brush to get pigment up onto my eye. The other shades are ok, but very sheer. The best shade by far is the bottom left, it’s a great topper shade. The matte is creamy but has no pigment and will serve as a buffer shade for me so I can get my moneys worth out of the palette. If you’re thinking about it I’d say skip this one. For reference I have very pale skin. I wear N0 in Mac face and body, and shade 2 in the Pat McGrath concealer, and I could go lighter if I wanted.

Gorgeous Formulas

I was interested in the whole concept and colors in this palette. Overall I’m so happy I bought it. The blush goes on smooth and isn’t tacky like some cream blushes. The highlighter isn’t glittery it’s so smooth and radiant, the eyeshadows are beautifully pigmented!!! If you’re thinking about it I’d 100% suggest it!! The lipstick and mascara are both refillable as well so they come disassembled and you just pop in the component. The lipstick is creamy, opaque, and smells nice but not overpowering!! In the picture is goes: blush, highlighter, eyeshadows down the row, and the lipstick at the bottom.


This is the first palette that I use entirely. I can use every single shade and it’s now my favorite palette!! I used to be obsessed with the sweet peach palette but this one has all the shades I used in the peach palette except without the extra wasted shades. You are able to build ii color intensity with this in a way you can’t with other palettes the formula is so seamless