Beauty Product Reviews

Good for light eye brows

Good product, I really like the texture, it's liquid, the finish is very natural. I used the blonde shade for my light eye brows, but would definitely try a darker shade in the future. Cons: a bit pricy for the size and I wish the brush is a bit larger and more comfortable to apply the product.

Product was spoiled

I ordered this oil recently after reading reviews about its divine smell. It took FedEx less than a week to deliver it from SF to Taiwan (wow! I was super happy). Though, my excitement didn't last long and dropped immediately when I opened the bottle. It smelled like an old cooking/painting oil.. It is quiet hot here in Taiwan now, and the oil might have gone bad during the shipping process. I don't want to blame anyone and point fingers. Just be careful when you order such products, it might not arrive in its original condition. Mine went to trash, unfortunately.