Beauty Product Reviews

Classic Glam

I couldn’t resist this little palette. It has my favorite shades from the larger palette. This is the perfect color story, in my opinion. I can wear it by day or night, and it looks great.

Great for Nails

I was slightly skeptical because I’ve never seen great results from cuticle oil, but I put this on nearly every day, and I’m definitely seeing a change in my cuticles and nails. This must be just the combination of conditioning agrnts!

Sublime, As Advertised

This is my first Natasha Denona palette. I have gone back and forth and back and forth...again and again...trying to choose one. If anything, there are too many! But I'm glad I chose the Bronze Palette, because it has a beautiful blend of shades - some of the reds that are so popular right now (that make me a bit nervous - I don't want to look sick) but also beautiful golden shades and a nice pop of purple. Honestly, it was the contrast between the gold and the purple that really drew me in. All that said, I love this palette! Though some shades appear similar in the pan, they take on unique expressions on the skin, and they blend beautifully, as others have noted. They even play well with other shadows I own. I've worn some combo of this palette every day since it arrived, and I'm still discovering new ways to play. It is perfect! Now, I'm trying to tell myself that one ND palette is enough for now, no need to buy another just yet... Trying to tell myself that...again and again. If you're hesitating, don't.

So 1972

This nail polish immediately brings to mind my babysitters in the 70s. They were so cool in my eyes. This is my second Smith & Cult polish. I haven't worn nail polish for years, but I love the colors they offer, and the finish and ease of application are incredible. Like others have said, one coat looks fantastic and lasts. Two coats and I feel like a queen!

Balmy Color

I've been wanting a nourishing lip color and wanted to try the Ilia Color Block. This is so lovely! It goes on like a balm and feels really comfy on the lips, and the color payoff is good too. I want more shades now.

Oh My, Terry

I’ve had my eye on this since it dropped. I’m glad I went for it, because this palette is stunning! I was worried about the rose/berry shade, but it is a revelation, and I love it. I worried a few of the darker shades would be too dark, but they are very easy to blend, and I can go in with a super light hand or really go for it. In short, I think this palette can work for everyone, and it is beautiful.

Lush Brush

I was captivated by the dense bristles of this brush as much as the brand quality. I wanted a brush suitable for liquid and cream products, and despite this being a natural hair brush, it seemed a good fit. The bristles are soft but not too soft, and they’re great for blending out product. I know I shouldn’t wash this brush as often as my synthetic hair brushes, so I use it more sparingly and with a gentle touch. It’s lovely, really lovely.


I’m still testing this, but so far I really like the scent. The texture of the product feels okay, not greasy at all. It seems to last most of the day. Hoping for even better results as I continue to use it.

Artisanal and Luxurious

The Keyaki Brush Set is my first Sonia G. experience. Though I have heard many rave about her brushes, I'd never used one. This set seemed like the perfect first experience. I don't have an affinity for overly large brushes, so the smaller size of these seemed just right. And I wasn't wrong! What struck me immediately when using the brushes was the solidity and girth of the handles. They may be shorter, but they fit perfectly in my hand and have a real presence. The finish of the wood handles is gorgeous; as a lover of Japanese-made fountain pens and inks, I know that the artists who make fine Japanese products really are artists. The blend of hairs for pickup and application of products is also really magical. I have always used drugstore-bought, synthetic brushes, so these were a revelation. With these brushes in my hand, I too feel like an artist (sort of). They give my hands the ability to use different makeup application techniques that really make a difference in how makeup lays on the skin. So, in short, I'm a Sonia G. brush convert!