Beauty Product Reviews


I'm sorry to say, I found this product to be mostly frustrating. You're supposed to 'shake well' before use, but the formula separates radically and partially settles on the bottom of the bottle like glue, so 'shaking well' takes for-ev-er. I don't need to work up a sweat right before I put on my makeup. Big fail. Too bad.

All I've ever wanted in a mascara <3

Wayne Goss mascara is everything I could ask for. I have lots of lashes, so all I really want in a mascara is definition, separation, and a bit more length--the old 'my lashes but better'. And I want that in one coat. DONE! This mascara is fantastic, I love the wand (easy to maneuver into corners, never gloppy with mascara), and the formula is wonderful and totally waterproof and sweat-proof. I could not love it more.