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Blush Happy

Mac’s Force of Love is a part of the Mac Chen Man: Love and Water collection. Force of Love is described as a vivid honeysuckle pink by Mac. In my opinion it’s a bright coral-pink. And when I say bright I’m not exaggerating this lipstick is near neon. It’s just an amazingly beautiful color.

In terms of formula this lipstick is a matte but it’s one of the new matte finishes from Mac so it’s not drying or difficult at all. In fact this lipstick applies well and gives complete, opaque coverage. It also lasts a really long time on the lips as most mattes do. I get about 5-6 hours normal wear. Less if I’m eating or drinking. One thing to note about this lipstick is that it does tend to cling to any flaking or dry skin so it’s very important to exfoliate your lips prior to using this lipstick. A lip primer is always a good idea or simply let a lip balm sit on your lips prior.

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