Beauty Product Reviews

So convenient!

Love this wrap! It twists and secures nice and snug, even with my thick hair. The microfiber is soft and doesn't create any frizz. I love to pop my products in, wrap and then chill for a bit. Once I am ready to blow dry, it's a super quick process (which typically is not the case with regular towel drying). The price is awesome and I see this lasting for quite a while.

Winter Time Go-To!

This bad boy is my favorite product to use in the wintertime! It fixes dry, cracked skin in record time! I love it on my hands, elbows, feet and anywhere else you can experience rough patches of skin. It's definitely a thick, heavy consistency which really envelops the dry areas, so a teeny tiny bit goes a long way. I'm more on the normal-oily side on my face so I have yet to try it there, but I'm sure it would be great on any type of dermatitis. You can definitely smell the honey in this, so if that's not your fave scent, you might not enjoy this quite as much, especially if you're using it close to your face. I keep it in my purse so its always available any time I feel like my skin needs an extra protective boost!


I'm a huge fan of hyperbole, but I am not exaggerating even a little bit when I say that Good Genes absolutely changed my skin! I labored through years of cystic acne in my early to mid twenties which left my chin and jawline riddled with post-acne marks. Being in the cosmetics industry, I've had chances to try and purchase numerous products, but nothing, I mean NOTHING, has addressed my hyperpigmentation issues the way Good Genes has. Acne marks are gone, skin is radiant with and without makeup and any new breakouts get attacked with this before they even have a chance to cause problems.

Lactic Acid is on the gentler side for AHAs but it does not mean that it is less effective (or less potent!), so this can be an option if you're on the more reactive side! I've had many people advise that this is gentle enough for every day use, but I find exfoliation is more effective when used on and off through the week. I've been able to build my skin's resiliency to chemical exfoliators throughout the years and I have found that it fits well into my nightly routine 2-3x weekly, but if you're more sensitive you may prefer only 1-2x weekly or as needed. This is definitely a pricier item, but a one pump is more than enough for your entire face, so the 50mL size lasts me anywhere from 4-6 months depending on weekly usage.

If you've been struggling to find a product that addresses hyperpigmentation while also making you look younger, LOOK NO FURTHER!