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This powder brush is totally underrated imo. Photos do it absolutely no justice. The black glossy handle and ferrule reminds me of a sexy pair of patent leather heels. The end of the handle is slanted like the Hakuhodo S100 Series. Another reviewer stated the handles were cheaply made because she noticed there were some chips on the bottom of the handle but that’s not the case at all. The slant just makes them a bit more delicate. Like the Hakuhodo Vermilion handles these need to be stored carefully or they will indeed become damaged. Slapping them into a cup with other brushes will ensure you chip the handle. It has a unique, lush, dense head of high quality squirrel hair that’s every bit as luxurious as the Z Series. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn these were made by Chikuhodo. Cheap is not a word I would use to describe any of the brushes in this series. Luxury at its finest.

Worth it for the Powder brush alone

This set was imo a fabulous deal. Both are normal sized brushes made with quality materials that are not only beautiful but simply a pleasure to use. Add to that a very reasonable price point and it’s really a no brainer. It’s worth the price for the powder brush alone. It’s very similar in shape to the Niji Pro however it’s smaller, more medium in size and less dense. It’s soft as a cloud and for me with a smaller face much better sized than the Niji. Much the multitasking brush for sure. I’m actually surprised there are still some in stock. Very unique little set of brushes to add to your collection.

There is a lot of mixed reviews on this product and I think it’s just one of those foundations you either love or hate with no in between. One thing I’ve learned over the years is to take reviews with a grain of salt. Everyone is different. I’m in my early 40’s with skin that seems to get a little dryer each year. I keep a daily skin care regimen and exfoliate accordingly. I was blessed with good skin which helps. No acne, scars or major skin discoloration. Aside from a few blemishes here and there, some faint lines and a couple darker spots my skin is nice and smooth. Dryness is my only battle. That being said finding a good foundation that checks all the boxes is not easy. I’m also a foundation junkie and like trying new ones. I absolutely love this! It’s not one to wear in the winter months but in the heat of the summer this stuff really shines. It’s on the runny side but a little goes a very long way. It’s very highly concentrated and gives instant full coverage. Once I’ve applied my skincare products and primer (used Armani Luminous Silk or Marc Jacobs Coconut Hydrating primer) I like to apply this with a brush and find that with these liquid type formulas either duo-Fibre, kolinsky or Weasel hair give the best results. Start small and build up where needed. I find I don’t even need concealer when I wear this. I lightly set with Hourglass loose setting powder and Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray then smooth everything with a sponge. It truly looks like skin once dry. I’ve not had any issue with applying my other products. It stays put. It doesn’t claim to be waterproof or anything but it can hold up to high humidity and a day at the pool. The more I sweat the better it looks. It’s crazy. Now I don’t recommend this on dry skin in winter. It almost sucks the moisture out and can look cakey easily but it was made for hot weather.

I wasn’t that impressed with this brush when I first got it. After all it’s just your basic blush brush. Heck I didn’t even use it for the longest time. It was when I started working my way through a brush declutter that I decided to give it another chance and boy am I glad I did! I’ve learned over the years that some brushes don’t reach their full potential until after they have been washed and used several times. That’s when they finally start to loosen up and bloom out fully. That was the deal with this one. It just needed more time to shine! Made with Saikoho Goat it’s silky soft and while fluffy it has this fantastic snap back that can be hard to find with bristles this long. Koyudo doesn’t get enough love as a whole. They make great quality products at an affordable price point. It’s a shame the BP Series has been discontinued. Get it while you still can!

The Surratt brush series was my Fude Splurge long ago and it’s still in my top favorites. Total luxury in a brush set. The handles have a gorgeous purple & teal shimmer that fades to black as it goes up. The matte black ferrule blends in beautifully. The Cheek brush is round, medium in size and made with super soft grey squirrel hair. Has great density with a really nice spring to it. All the Surratt brushes have this amazing snap to the bristles that make them stand out from others with the same hair type. They just seem to work more efficiently and aren’t floppy at all. Even the Face brush! I don’t know how they do it but I love it! The cheek brush gives surprisingly great color payoff and blends smoothly. I would repurchase every brush in this line if I had to. They are all that good. There are of course other brushes that are similar in shape and size while also costing a great deal less. No dispute on that! This line isn’t going to be for everyone at this price point but if price isn’t a factor for you they are worth every penny. Shown with Chikuhodo Artist 18-2 & Houkodou G-C6 for shape and size reference. All are made with the same hair type.

The T-6 is in my top 5 favorites for large eye brushes. So much so that I have multiples of it. Not only is it amazing for all over eye color or blending it makes for a nice precision highlighting or concealer brush. It’s also one of the only brushes from this series I didn’t destash. A must have imo. The Takumi series as a whole is attractive with the matte black handle, red lettering & matching ferrule making the undyed Saikoho stand out. The bristles are soft and the T-6 are soft, dense and once washed nice and fluffy. The Takumi brushes are very lightweight, almost hollow feeling making them a bit on the delicate side and can be easily scratched or dented. You can’t really go wrong with any of the eye brushes. Shown with Chikuhodo GSN-07 (grey squirrel/goat), Takeda WFSH12SQUR (red squirrel) & Bisyodo Yoshiki Large Eye (grey squirrel) for size reference. Density wise it most resembles the GSN-07.

The Passion series from Chikuhodo is…okay. The brushes are made well and the dyed Sokoho goat hair is soft enough. The price is good and it’s a great starting point for beginners. I’ve since sold off all but this blush brush which imo is the standout of set. It’s a round domed shaped brush with good density to it. Works well for a small powder or blush brush and makes for a great all over blender. The pink handle and ferrule aren’t my personal preference and the lettering does wear off over time. No issues with shedding and it washed well and retains its shape. All in all a solid little brush. Shown with Chikuhodo KZ-4 & Koyomo Nadeshiko Pearl Pink Cheek brush for size reference.

This is a brush you will either love or hate. The size can be intimidating upon first inspection considering it’s listed as an eye brush it’s a fabulous little multitasking brush. I personally love it and would replace in a heartbeat if needed. While it’s intended use is for the eyes and I’ve used it that way I prefer to use it for under eye powder or precision highlighting. It’s one of the best under eye powder brushes I’ve used and I have an obscene amount of them. Picks up and deposits the perfect amount of powder and blends seamlessly. Highly recommended.

I’m torn about leaving this review with 3 stars because I own the entire set and absolutely love them all. This one however leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I am on my 3rd one (that also has this issue) because they have all come apart at the handle and ferrule. Every single one of them. This is supposed to be Chikuhodo’s top of the line series yet 3 of the same exact brushes have all come apart like a $3 Elf brush from Walmart. Not impressed at all and now am worried the rest of the set will do the same thing. I want to point out that I am not new to Fude. I have been a collector for several years and know how to properly use, store and wash them. My Z Series eye brushes are rarely used mainly because I keep them in storage and forget I have them. I decided to take the brush guard off tonight and use it when I discovered yet another loose handle that spun and dropped off. So here I am debating getting another. Why you may ask? Simply because my set will be incomplete without it. I have no desire to have a repaired brush in with the others. Call me crazy but I take care of my brushes. Painstakingly. I do that so they are (regardless of being a great brush) visually appealing. I’ve honestly never had another Fude brush with this issue. Heck I’ve never had a drug store brush do this aside from Elf but it was a known issue. Just irritated that I’ve bought this so many times with the same end result. Now I’m in the position of having to buying another so my set is complete knowing I probably won’t ever get to use it. I rarely leave poor reviews on Fude. I know their handmade. I know things can vary dramatically from one brush to the other. I also know that just because I don’t like a brush doesn’t mean it’s not a good brush. I leave a poor review on products that deserve it. I’m willing to bet I’m not the only person having this issue.

Being the Sonia G brush lover that I am when the Fusion Series launched I didn’t hesitate to buy. I already own all the other brushes in her lineup with duplicates of my favorites. The Classic Base quickly became one of my favorite foundation brushes and when the individual came back in stock I purchased another one. It’s with a heavy heart I leave this less than stellar review. I aM sad to report that at least my brush has not held up well at all to moderate use. The hairs appear to be breaking off after each wash and it’s become such an issue I won’t use it anymore. I’ve been a Fude Collector for many years now and have several hundred of them from many different brands in many different hair types. I say that only to show I know my way around Fude brushes and am quite knowledgeable in regards to hair types and how to properly use and care for them so user error is not a factor. This was well cared for and washed with the BeautyBlender Solid Cleanser every time. I don’t use anything else and have never had an issue with any of my other brushes regardless of hair type. I have several Hakuhodo brushes that are Duo Fibre in my collection that are almost 10 years old and used far more often that haven’t lost a hair. Perhaps I received a bad brush. Hopefully my back up will last longer because I won’t be buying another one.

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