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Beauty Product Reviews

Wonderful color and formula.

This shade is great and has a perfect formula. It's almost a perfect match for Jeffree's Watermelon Soda (which is normally sold out because of it's popularity) but also stands alone! Would definitely recommend and purchase again.

Very happy with this

It's a great palette and the colors are vibrant and full of pigment. I love the packaging and Beautylish was of course, fantastic with their service. The shipping was fast!

Poor formula.

Beautylish is amazing and out of a dozen or more items, all of which are perfect, only this one has been disappointing. I think mine is expired or a bad batch because it came scratched up and the formula almost Hurts to put on because it’s drags so harshly across the lips. Is it returnable or replaceable? Thank you!

Stunning! It's perfect. Does the job while looking sleek and amazing. It also looks great sitting on my vanity. Will be buying more for gifts.

Literally the best color created by Jeffree! As always, Beautylish customer service didn't disappoint!

Stunning work as always. Every color is wonderful and flawless. The white actually works great as a highlight or fade on the lips

Great product and service!

Product came in and was great. One of the colors was cracked and leaking and after i sent a picture, they replaced it immediately with no qualms! WONDERFUL customer service!