Beauty Product Reviews

Absolutely worth it

Almost instantly firmed my undereye area. Bags were almost gone and skin was smoother. The effects only last a little while, but it helps to use them consistently to see longer term results. These patches won’t slip and slide around your face, they’re decent at staying put. The serum is non-irritating on the eyes which is always a plus!

No thanks

I can't believe how slimy and slippery these are. It was difficult for me to get them out of the container even with the spatula, and I ended up wasting one of them because they were so difficult to manage. These patches are SO large that when I placed them under my eyes it felt like both of my cheeks were entirely covered. I had to keep readjusting them to avoid them from sliding down. These were impossible to use without laying down for the whole time using them. I really wanted to at least get good results out of the experience, but this product sadly didn't even deliver. My bags & circles remained the same, plus when the serum dries it balls up into a tacky residue. Wondering if I should have kept the container in the fridge? Honestly I don’t think I’d try these again. I’m giving 2 stars because with some quality adjustments, I feel like this product could potentially be useful.

I was skeptical of this product after reading the reviews, but I understand that everyone is different and everyone’s body just responds differently to CBD (quality, dose, method, etc) My take on this is that it does nothing for pain, but it definitely promotes a tired, relaxed feeling after about 20 minutes. When used daily as a supplement, my anxiety improved a lot (more than I expected it to). I’d still like to try different brands and dosages of CBD, but this was a good place to start!

I feel that the CBD in this product is really just to grab the consumers attention (that small of a dose isn’t going to be beneficial), but the overall product is good! It’s long lasting for a gloss and is perfect by itself as a neutral or as a topper to add glitz & shine.

Pretty packaging

Unpopular opinion: I wasn’t a fan of the fragrance (fruity), I prefer my makeup to be fragrance-free. This overall absorbed oil and kept my makeup set but at the end of the day it highlighted any dry skin on my face. The packaging is pretty, but I wouldn’t say I’d make this a staple in my makeup routine.

Leaves skin soft & the scent is alluring

The scent is addicting! Very beachy and tropical. It lathers well and leaves skin feeling soft & clean. I wish the scent lasted even longer! I first purchased the travel size & went for the full size (pricey!) but it’s worth every penny!

Perfect for oily, fine hair

This is very pricey but it’s worth every penny! I’m very picky about dry shampoos. I have oily, fine hair and even hours after washing I need to apply dry shampoo to bring volume back into my hair. This does the trick! It’s best for dark hair since it’s tinted, very little chalky residue and brings life back to hair! I first purchased the travel size and I wasn’t disappointed. I went for the full size and now it’s the only one I’ll ever use!