Beauty Product Reviews

It has a stopper. No fine points. Good if you want no breakages, still!

I bought the sharpener based on the good reviews. Although it looks nice and sharpens very well, it has (like almost all the sharpeners lately) a kind of stopper, probably to prevent the breakage. So, no breakage but also no fine points. Instead of a point I get a small horizontal plateau. I have an old Bourjois sharpener and is the only one that sharpens to a fine point. Still trying to find another as good.

Nice feeling...

Used it all in summer and happily so! It was my guilty pleasure ( giving what it does for the cost) in the mornings to take it from the fridge and liberally spray it on my sleepy mush. What it does? A splash of fresh scented moisture on a heated skin. Nice glass bottle. Very good nozzle also. Nice feeling...The moisture does n t stay long, but I expected that. That s why I would've love to buy the full size bottle and decant it in the mini bottle so that I could carry it in my bag. But the small bottle is not refillable and you have to toss it when epty. And it s expensive to replace. And the big bottle is not purse friendly. So I dont think I will buy ot again...

Almost perfect for my eyeshape! No search anymore for me!

53 old; hooded, protruding lids, medium sized eyes, stubborn, short, straight lashes. I thought, given my experiences with lash curlers, that eyes make-up is not for me. With every lash curler I previously used, pinching was sure and the curl non-resulting or odd. Therefore my make-up consisted until now in foundation, bright lipstick and blush and an ochre eyecream to hide discolorations. Nowaday, with mask wearing, I felt the need to enhance the eye make-up but no matter what eyeshadows/pens/pencils I tried, eyes looked tired and muddy. Enter the KA lash curler. It perfectly ,,glued'' to my lids, no needed for me to pull it out/ press it/ keep it in certain ways to work. The curl result was best for my poor lashes, and no pinch! Should it have been a wee longer, it whould be perfect, but I am very pleased with the results, so my search is over! Now I can wear mascara. Maybe it sound frivolous giving the hard times and the high price, but when things ar working, I feel a bit better and a bit better is sometimes all we can hope. Blessings to you all and blessings for the Beautylish people who made me still believe that in those hard days good work still can be done!

Wonderfull brush! But PAY attention to the PACKAGING!

53 old, oily T-zone and undereys, mad about brushes! I needed a multytasking brush, especially one that whould pick and release the optimum amount of powder for the said oily zones of my face. Not too much ( so no-cakey look) but enough for good setting and mattifying. This brush does it gloriously! It is smaller that I imagined and that makes it perfect for both precise placement and quick enough covering. The softeness is welcome for senzitive skin and I could easily use it for perfect blush and bronzer application. and (eyes closed) swiping o bit of bronzer all over my eyelids. So, very good for traveling. It doesn t snap back like a goat one whould, so is better for patting than buffing but I apreciate the softness . Now the caveat part: the original packaging consist of a small plastic GLUED bag. When removing the brush, few bristles glued to the bag resulting in breackage and distorting of the overall shape. I was able to reshape it, but I felt ill for the broken bristles, mad as I am for these babies. Being the pricey and delicate item, I whould advice to maybe cut the glued part of the plastic bag before removing the brush so no broken heart and bristles result! Now, my blessings for the Beautylish people!!! They are always, always on point and intuitive and anytime I order from them, I feel at ease, even in those hard days!!

Not what i expected! Be warned if you need a non-shiny T-zone!

The rating is related solely to the way this powder responses to my needs! I m always in a hunt for a good setting powder that can also help keeping the oils in my T-zone and undereyes at bay. Keep in mind that while I like a fresh face, with no flat aspect , I need the T-zone to be matte, or else the flaws of my 53 years skin will highly show up. Now, this powder IS having shiny particles, and visibly ones in it, which make it useless for me exactly where I needed more. I wish I whould' ve understand that before ordering...The Beautylish team,however, is extraordinary!!! I received the pack amazingly fast and, as a plus, they wisely and generously gifted me a sample size of By Terry hyaluronic hydra powder that is better suited for my needs. So, thank you, nice people of Beautylish, be blessed and stay healthy!!!