Beauty Product Reviews

Fantastic Value and Great Quality

Full disclosure: I have become a fan of Wayne Goss's makeup and brushes. I have a lot of other brands (almost all luxury)...but Goss's products are staples in my collection.

I ordered the LIGHT version of Wayne Goss's Deluxe Surprise Bag. My skin is very light to light/neutral (slightly on the golden side) and I have blue eyes.

I received:

1) 1 Contour/Bronzer in (not a surprise) LIGHT -- I own this already. It.makes me look HEALTHY--isn't that what we all want. I will be gifting this to a fair-light skin friend of mine...I don't need two. These pan sizes mean they will last well beyond the time when they will expire. :-)

2) 1 Weightless Veil Blush Palette in VIVID AZALEA (I am SO very excited about this one)--I own Coral Rose and I love the formula and was working up my courage to buy this vibrant color. Turns out it is perfect for my light skin tone when used with a light hand. The highlight is perfection on the skin--age/office appropriate. The blush color is a natural flush color on my skin--and I go for a "natural" look...this is spot on for me!

3) 1 Luxury Eye Palette in IMPERIAL TOPAZ -- I own this and will be gifting this extra one to someone else. You don't need a back up of a great palette with pans this size. I am so happy with mine, This is a perfect travel/office palette--it is very easy to apply--so hotel room mirrors are not a problem. The color is buildable and very wearable. LOVE IT.

4) 2 Lip Glosses: CHRYSANTHEMUM and HIBISCUS (these shimmer glosses are so so moisturizing and they feel great on the lips--I usually wear them along with liners) and I got two colors that I didn't have!--so excited about that

5) 2 Lipsticks: CARNATION and MAGNOLIA--I LIKE the formula--it is a nice creamy "true" lipstick consistency. Lipstick isn't my favorite thing...but I wear it when I want a more polished look. I got lucky and received colors I didn't have. I had Carnation on my wish list--both colors are great for my skin I am so happy to have received them. I prefer lip liner/gloss or balm combos these days...but am very happy to have these in my collection.

6) 3 Lip Liners: LIGHT NUDE, NATURAL BERRY and VINTAGE PINK. I already have the last two and have ordered Natural Berry twice in the past--so am THRILLED to have a back up to both of these. Formula wise...I have everything literally everything on the market and this is among my top 3 favorites. (Lisa Eldridge, VB and WG are my top three favorite formulas.)

7) 2 Eyeliners: DEEP AMETHYST and OBSIDIAN (I have both but don't care because these eyeliners are so amazing that I gave some as Christmas gifts last year! Both people raved about them--including my lash lady...who is a stickler about her eyeliners. She has even recommended it to some of her other clients.) My experience: I love the kohl application, it stays put, and I don't have a hard time getting it off (I don't use oil-based removers because of my eyelash extensions). Best of all possible worlds for me! I don't use any other eyeliners right now!

Cost to me: $155 USD Total value: $315 USD Value of what I will be gifting: $100 USD (for two fantastic products)


It is like Beautylish looked at my order history when they packaged this bundle...I know they didn't...but it was literally MADE for me!